Our History

A Brief History of Lakeview

The heart of the ministry of Lakeview Church for nearly 100 years has been to “Touch Our World” … to reach out with the message that Jesus saves, Jesus heals the broken-hearted and the sick … that Jesus is the Answer. Maria Woodworth Etter, who founded the church, built the first wooden tabernacle at 2114 Miller Street as a headquarters for a nationwide healing ministry. This dynamic lady had a significant impact on the 20th Century Pentecostal Revival. Toward the end of her ministry, she built the tabernacle dedicated in 1918. Pastor and Mrs. Thomas Paino, Sr. were greatly influenced by Mrs. Etter. Thomas Sr. found a special place in Mrs. Etter’s heart, and she referred to him as her “Timothy”. The senior Painos became Pastors in 1933. God gave them a great move of the Holy Spirit. During their pastorate, the church was blessed spiritually and numerically. Over one hundred young people entered the ministry. The West Side Gospel Tabernacle was built after the old tabernacle was destroyed by fire. Lyda and Thomas Sr. co-pastored until 1969.

In 1956, Pastor and Mrs. Thomas Paino, Jr. joined his parents as co-pastors. They were Senior Pastors from 1969 to 1994. Under their ministry the church grew and became known worldwide for its missions vision. The church moved to its present location on Beachway Drive and was renamed Lakeview Temple in 1969. The Painos are still part of this church family and are loved and respected by the congregation.

On August 14, 1994, God directed Ron and Dorene Bontrager to become the Pastors of Lakeview Temple. In an overwhelming vote of unity, the congregation chose Pastor Ron to be our Lead Pastor and Shepherd. God’s blessings and anointing are with Pastor Ron and our congregation as we continue to grow.

In 2005 the church voted to change the name to Lakeview Church and to approve the construction of the Catalyst Building Expansion, which included 65,000 feet of new space for children, youth, prayer, foyer and sanctuary seating. The building was dedicated to the Lord on April 15 of 2007.

When the Bontrager’s came in 1994, Lakeview was primarily a Caucasian church, but their vision was to pastor a diverse congregation. Today Lakeview is not only ethnically diverse, but also has people of all ages, and all socio-economic backgrounds. This unique blend creates a beautiful, rich environment where faith flourishes.  No matter who you are, you are welcome at Lakeview Church!