Our Team

Executive Team

Ron Bontrager

Lead Pastor317.243.9396, ext. 402

Drew Bontrager

Executive Pastor - Ministries317.243.9396, ext. 425

Brian Cobb

Executive Pastor - Operations317.243.9396, ext. 404

Pastoral Team

Dorene Bontrager

Pre-Marital & Pastoral Care Pastor317.243.9396, ext. 402

Dustin Wells

Youth and Young Adult Pastor317.243.9396, ext. 415

Barbara Reed

Family Ministries Pastor317.243.9396, ext. 414

Brenda Lycan

Elementary Pastor317.243.9396, ext. 413

Rachel Gildon

Early Childhood Pastor and Elementary Director

Elijah Fuentes

Worship Pastor317.243.9396 ext 423


Mary Dillion

Senior Staff Accountant317.243.9396, ext. 407


Cheryl Trackwell

Growth Track Director317.243.9396, ext. 421

Administrative Assistants

Cheryl Bradshaw

Administrative Assistant, Children and Youth317.243.9396, ext. 419

Santhi Thomas

Executive Administrative Assistant317.243.9396, ext. 402

Patty Stokes

Administrative Assistant to Family Ministries317.243.9396, ext. 449

Julia Smith


Danielle Mahlke

Executive Administrative Assistant317.243.9396, ext. 425


Peter Sunarja

Communications Designer317.243.9396 ext417

Alette Fuentes

Communications Designer317.243.9396