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Week of 1/4-1/10

Updated Tuesday, January 5

Sunday Services:
9am | 11am
Normal schedule, in-person and online.
Early Childhood | 6 weeks - 5 years
Sunday Services:
  9am | 11am
Open with limited capacity depending on number of volunteers available. If you'd like to join the substitute list or volunteer, contact .
Elementary | Grades 1-5
Sunday Services:
 9am | 11am
Normal schedule, in-person. If you'd like to join the substitute list or volunteer, contact .
Youth (Grades 6-12)
Wednesday Service:


When are we having services?

Following guidelines for the state and county, we are open for all Sunday services on campus. Your comfort and safety is important to us. Because of this, we will continue to stream Sunday services online, through Facebook, YouTube, and at at 9am & 11am. 

What about Youth & Children Ministries?

Lakeview Kids resumed in-person services on Sundays with Pastor Jonathan at 9am & 11am. Grades 1-5 has limited registration based on the number of volunteers available. Follow us on Facebook @lakeviewkids and YouTube for more content from Pastor Jonathan during the week!

Lakeview Youth resumed in-person services Wednesdays at 7pm. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @Lakeviewyth for more content throughout the week.


What are services like currently?


  • Doors 1 and 6 will open promptly at 8:30am for the 9am worship service and at 10:30am for the 11am worship service
  • Temperatures are checked upon entrance with contactless thermometers
  • Host Team Members are to usher you to your seats, to maintain social distancing
  • Hand sanitizer and masks (as needed) are available at the doors and in the sanctuary for your use
  • Online “Pushpay” and “Offering Boxes” are available for tithes and offerings
  • According to the guidelines, individuals above 65 and with underlying medical conditions, are at risk and are requested to continue “stay safe at home” practices until further notice 


Here are some of the sanitation guidelines we are following in order to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. 

  • Daily disinfecting of door handles, counters, and desktop surfaces
  • Hand Sanitizer is available in common areas where frequent human traffic is high
  • Drinking fountains are not in service during this phase
  • Staff is required to frequently wipe down cell phones, computer keyboards, and other office equipment
  • Lakeview’s Choir Room is sanitized and disinfected multiple times during use
  • Choir material and equipment are wiped down prior to and after each use
  • Choir members spread out when practicing and wear masks
  • Tithe/Offering buckets are not going to be passed from guest-to-guest
  • Tithe/Offering boxes are placed at designated sanctuary exits and, in the lobby,
  • Host Team Members wear masks and use hand sanitizer before/after handling offering envelopes
  • Children attending with their parents will not receive activity items from Host Team
  • Host Team Members will greet guests verbally and use other limited/no-contact greetings
  • Lakeview will use only pre-packaged communion cups
  • Hand sanitizer is available and at accessible locations throughout the sanctuary
  • Lakeview seat back holders are empty to decrease cross-contamination
  • Host Team Members will seat guests and direct exiting procedures for all guests
  • If needing to exit prior to the conclusion of worship services, guests are to use the exit nearest to them
  • All sanctuary seating, arm rests, and areas of common use during worship services will be disinfected before and after each service
  • Lakeview restrooms are disinfected multiple times daily
  • Touchless hand soap and towel dispensers are in all restrooms
  • Proper hand washing signs are posted near all restroom sinks


Are we still meeting for Connect Groups? 

As we enter the spring season of Connect Groups, we plan on providing in-person and online group options. More information can be found here

How can WE help?


Lakeview Church  will be providing a limited amount of pre-made bags of groceries for Lakeview Church members who may be at most risk if they go out and shop for themselves. If you would like to receive one of our pre-made grocery bags, one of our Lakeview Staff members would be happy to deliver a bag to you. Please reach out to Pastor DeShane at   and we will reach out to you.